IHOPE supports international students who desire to travel to IHOPE for our 3 week summer discipleship training.   The IHOPE discipleship training provides the Biblical basis and practical tools to empower these young adults to be passionate for Jesus in both prayer and missions.  There are currently 2 young adults from Pakistan who will attend the discipleship training in August, 2021.  

The IHOPE discipleship training programs are open for all people in the Cedar Valley, Iowa area as well as anywhere in 

the USA or other nations.  The free summer discipleship will take place from August 3-20, 2021.  Everyone is able to choose the sessions they would like to attend.  The schedule is as follows:

                                         Morning  Sessions:   Monday - Friday  10am - 12pm

                                     1) Character - Developing the character of Jesus

                                     2) Discipleship - Becoming a follower of Jesus

                                     3) Vision - What is God calling you  to do?

                                     4) Commissioning - Setting goals   and plans to pursue God's calling on your life 

                                Session:  Saturday - August 7 & 14              10am -  12pm is designed for musicians and singers

                            1)  Learn how to hear God's voice to                 operate in  Prophetic Worship

                                Evening Sessions:  Tuesday, Thursday &          Saturday - 6pm - 8pm

                      1) Vision and Values of the House of Prayer

                      2) Training and equipping people to be                      passionate followers of Jesus         


        For more info, contact Mike or Vince at:


              Facebook:   ihopehouseofprayer