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       This ministry is focused on bringing hope, health and restoration to people

 who have experienced traumatic life events. These type of events can be the result

 of bad things other people have done to us, bad choices we have made, or things

 that we have personally witnessed. This trauma can injure us on the inside and affect

 the way we think, the choices we make, and our emotions.


 Some of the ways that people experience trauma are as follows:

1) physical or sexual abuse

2) rejection, abandonment or neglect

3) accidents

4) negative words spoken over us

5) exposure to war, murder or violence (like soldiers or crime victims)

6) loss of loved ones

7) chronic sin areas

8) involvement in cults

9) ungodly sexual relationships

 Some symptoms of unresolved trauma can be:

1) flashbacks of the traumatic experience

2) nightmares or night terrors

3) isolation

4) anger or outbursts of rage

5) drug or alcohol addiction (trying to medicate the pain)

6) self-critical and judgmental of themselves and others

7) difficulty sleeping

8) depression and anxiety

 We offer coaching sessions which include biblical wisdom combined with

 powerful prayer ministry to bring healing and freedom to  those in need.

 The coaching programs range from one session to multiple sessions.

  Click the link below for a free 30 minute call where we help you determine

 the underlying cause of your symptoms and start you on your healing


                                      CLICK HERE FOR FREE START YOUR HEALING JOURNEY CALL















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